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Hailey Jung
Born in Minnesota
1 month
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I was remembering last night the days before you were born five years ago.  I remember being terrified in the hosital so sick after struggling the entire 9 months to bring you into the world.  I remember being so worried that you were OK and hoping everything would work out.  I remember the moment I went up to surgery with your grandma and crying my heart out telling her to make sure you were OK because I couldnt be there.  I was so scared something might happen to you when I wasn't there.  I remember waking up around 8pm on the day you were born and frantically trying to get the nurses to bring you to me.  I kept asing if you were OK and they told me your were very healthy.  I always wanted to be the first to see you, but I was alright being the last as long as you were healthy.  And you were, I remember tem bringing you in for the first time with your dad and grandma and seeing how very beautiful you were.  You had such a head of hair!! I couldn't believe that we had made something so perfect, and in that instant I knew all of the hardships we had been through together fr 9+ months were more than worth it!  I just remember thinking how lucky I was and how fortunate we were to have such a healthy, perfect little girl.  I miss you sweetheart and I think of those happy times often.  I love thinking about all of the little sounds you made and the anxious look you would get on your face when you were hungry.  Oh and how you hated your baths! I loved  your little sneezes and yawns, you always looked so content and peaceful. I couldn't have asked for a better daughter. You were a little miracle and now I know an angel not meant for this Earth.  No matter how much I wish you were here with me, I know you are safe and sound in heaven's arms. We all love and miss you SO much.  **Hugs & Kisses**


-Love Mommy, Daddy, and Madison

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